Author: Jon Lindskoog

Safe Lifting is a High Priority

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that LIFTING, PLACING, CARRYING, HOLDING and LOWERING objects accounts for 4 out of 5 (80%) of lower back injuries.  The answer to prevention is really quite simple – correct technique every time!  This unit

Industrial Vehicle Hazards

Feed manufacturing and shipping simply cannot be accomplished without the use of heavy mobile equipment.  Along with the wonderful benefits of these tools come hazards that must be understood and managed.  The September Safety Training Unit provides a few good

Confined Spaces – Eliminate Hazards or STAY OUT.

Our Confined Space Entry (CSE) Supervisor training over the past year has helped all of us in understanding the many ways one can be injured or killed within a confined space.  Hazard knowledge and situational awareness are skills that must

Emergency Action Plan – What to do When Things go Bad

Emergency Action Plans are written to help us prepare for those unexpected situations that are sometimes completely out of our control. Our response to those situations remains fully IN our control and that is the reason for EAP training. Please view the short

First Aid and CPR Refresher Training

Knowing how to respond in the case of a medical emergency is an important life skill.  Though a safe work environment is our top priority, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. In the case of a major illness or injury it is

Heat Stress – Know the Symptoms and Stay Hydrated

As we enjoy the wonderful (Higher than average) spring temperatures these days, we are reminded of the fast-approaching long and hot days of summer. We must remember the physical dangers associated with working in high heat whether out in the

Fall Protection and Ladder Safety

Slips, Trips and Falls account for a large percentage of workplace injuries and fatalities in the manufacturing sector. Wet surfaces are the top hazard contributing to ground level injuries. Working from height is obviously a hazardous aspect of our manufacturing

PPE and ME

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a wonderful thing.  Gone are the days when the attitude was “whatever happens happens.”  Now we should be saying “whatever happened shouldn’t have” and in the case of many injuries, a bit of time and

***LOCKOUT / TAGOUT / BLOCKOUT*** A Top Priority in Manufacturing

Our Safety focus this month turns to LOTO.  Working on any equipment without first isolating all sources of energy is hazardous duty.  Our plants are full of equipment powered by 480 VAC which has enormous killing power when handled carelessly.

Safety Culture – A Worthwhile Work in Process

As we launch into a brand new year, our focus is adjusted to view our life priorities from a fresh perspective.  Working and living safely tops the list.  Whether at work or home, we are in the process of developing